16 Teacher Self Care Ideas

We might not realize it, but taking care of our selves is an essential first step to being an amazing teacher. So why don’t we do it? Self care is far more important than your to-do list, but we know it isn’t always easy. Realistically speaking, you don’t always have the time for a bubble bath or a face mask (If you DO have the time, click HERE for a good one made with everything you already have at home) so, we’ve come up with 16 ideas that will take you 10 minutes or less. Have your best year yet!

Give the below activities a try, and make sure to practice weekly, or even better, daily!

1.) Meditate! Simply count to 10 with your eyes closed and picture a calm, serene scene, and focus on how you feel in the moment.

2.) Go for a 10 minute walk with your earbuds and pump up your favorite music.

3.) Take care of a succulent! They’re cute and hard to kill.

4.) Call your mom (or dad, or grandma, or best friend, or uncle, or whoever!) Turn your day around with a conversation with someone you love.

5.) Practice good posture; put your shoulders back, head straight, and chin up!

6.) Do a crossword puzzle. This is one of our old school favorites that is relaxing, yet stimulating at the same time.

7.) Read useless facts: brush up on the Titanic, how to make a soufflé, or how many stairs to the top of the Empire State Building. They might be useless, but you’ll learn something!

8.) Make a HEALTHY snack. Try some of these, here.

9.) Light a few different candles in your home, so that when you move from room to room you’ll notice the enjoyable difference in scent.

10.) Eat a little piece of dark chocolate, it’s proven to reduce stress, and it’s heart healthy!

11.) Starting Monday, make one healthy small change to your diet, like drinking an extra glass of water.

12.) Inhale a pleasant and natural smell like lavender oil, or even a cut up fresh citrus fruit

13.) Oxygenate your body and mind by taking 4 deep breaths, followed 10 normal breaths, and repeat for 5 minutes.

14.) Set a timer for 6 minutes, and spend it cleaning or decluttering at least 6 things.

15.) Sit on your front porch, driveway, or stoop (without your phone!) and people watch.

16.) Ask for a favor! Someone will always be willing and happy to help, so just ask!

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