What is beetbox?

Beetbox is a subscription box service that provides turn-key food education for schools. Each box contains a seed-to-table lesson built around a STEAM curriculum, including all ingredients and materials. Through hands-on planting and cooking, we connect children with the origin of food and encourage them to try new foods.

What age group can use beetbox?

Beetbox is suitable for (but not limited to) preschools and daycares, children from ages 2-6.

What's in the box?

Everything you need! We include fresh produce, ingredients, learning materials, and easy to follow lesson plans. Lesson are designed with busy teachers in mind. We provide numbered, step-by-step guidelines, with clear pictures and plenty of flexibility to choose options based on the age range of the class being taught. Lessons include cooking projects, experiments, planting, taste tests, and a children's story related to each month’s content following our mascot “Betsy the Beet”.

We write our plans and recipes under the assumption schools have basic kitchen supplies such as bowls, spoons, olive oil, and salt.

How many activities are included in each beetbox? How long will I need to teach each box?

Each beetbox contains 6 easy to follow activities created to run about 20 minutes time, over the course of one month. As beetbox is designed by early childhood professionals that understand the demands of a busy classroom, lessons are flexible and can be delivered in any manner that best suits the needs of the teachers, classroom size, and schedule.

How are beetbox lessons created?

Lessons are created around a seasonal, age appropriate, seed to table lesson plan built around a STEAM curriculum. Lessons are designed as fully interactive sensory experiences for children, whilst keeping busy teachers in mind. Every box will incorporate the following: PLANTING: exploring seeds of all kinds. GROWING: sprouting seeds, roots and shoots. HARVESTING: learning about the seed life cycle and the life of a farmer. COOKING: transforming food and combining flavors with simple recipes. COMPOSTING AND RECYCLING: completing the life cycle of food.

Do I have to complete the lessons in the numbered order?

No! Beetbox is designed by teachers, for teachers. We know that things don’t always go to plan. Our lesson plans are easy to follow, modifiable and adjustable. If teachers want to complete a later activity first to better suit their classroom needs, they can pick up the remaining activities whenever it suits them to do so. Our only suggestion is to be mindful of activities requiring the use of fresh produce contained in the box. If possible, these should be completed first to avoid spoilage.

I teach 2 year olds and 5 year olds. Can beetbox work for both?

Yes! Beetbox gives teachers all of the materials and lessons they need, while allowing them the freedom and ease of customizing content appropriately for whichever age group they instruct. For example: two year olds are able to engage their senses and fine motor skills, while exploring simple concepts such as color and shape. Five year olds will be excited to investigate more complex subjects such as the life cycle of a seed, and their foods’ journey from farm to table.

What are the advantages of a beetbox subscription?  

In addition to the excitement of receiving a box filled with a month's worth of hands-on learning, subscribing to beetbox has the following benefits: 

  • A discount starting at the 3 and 6 month subscription level.

  • Continuity of a seasonal, seed to table and STEAM curriculum.

  • A turnkey solution for busy teachers.

  • Creating a healthful learning environment for teachers, students, and parents to continuously participate in.

Can I choose which month to begin?

Yes! You can sign up for a subscription at any time. Your subscription will activate on the 1st of the following month and you must place your order at least one week prior to the commencement date. Although beetbox is designed for you to start on any month, where possible, we suggest beginning subscriptions in September so that we can take your school through our seasonal annual curriculum.

My classroom has allergies. Can I use beetbox?

At beetbox we strive to use the freshest produce and best materials available. We ask that teachers and administrators check the included nutritional information in each beetbox to ensure they take the necessary precautions for their class.