Nutrition Education on the Menu

As we deliver vital, high quality nutrition education across the country, beetbox continues to be proud of the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the impact of our program. The health and wellness of children and educators is at the heart of our mission. It’s easy to see a proven history of success when children are growing, planting, and cooking their own food.

Nutrition education influences and changes eating habits! Our interdisciplinary program accomplishes more than just a cooking class. Children form lifelong healthy eating habits by interacting with their food in a multi faceted way. Following this seed-to-table journey lends itself to not only an appreciation for healthy foods, but often times leads to children requesting healthier meals from their parents at home!

Nutrition education empowers both children and educators to create the change we need to see, especially given the current crisis in children’s health. Nutritious food education, alongside supportive school climates add up to children who learn better, succeed, and are healthier in the future.

Newly proposed bill - Int 1283 -  will mandate nutrition education in ALL New York City public schools. The passing of this bill will ensure that every school is equipped to tackle these issues, giving each child the best possible start to a healthful life.

“These kids are getting great food and nutrition education that will help them develop as healthy eaters and advocates for good food. Yet there is no guarantee that students in the school down the street, or in other schools across the city, are getting similar opportunities. In fact, according to a recent study, almost half of our city’s schools lack access to external food and nutrition education programs”.

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Giving Our Children the Tools to Eat and Live Healthily

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