10 Reasons to Give Us a Try

 1. We’re affordable

We save you money. No more trips to the dollar store! Single STEAM kits or print only materials from leading education companies (Lakeshore, Scholastic) cost upward of $200. For that price, you can receive almost an entire YEAR of beetbox programming + all the materials you need!

2. We’re made for teachers, by teachers 

Its not just a slogan. We really are! At beetbox, we're created and tested by those who have actually been in the classroom, understand your struggles, your likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. We'll never send you anything that we don't think you'll love.

3. We save you time

Save your precious time. Our lessons come ready to go, with all of the materials you need, perfectly paired. This means you don't need to plan ahead. Just open the teaching kit and get started. You can spend 10 minutes or 45 minutes on any lesson or activity, its up to you.

4. We’re completely hands-on

Studies have shown that hands-on learning, where a student carries out physical activities rather than sole listening helps them to gain a better understanding of the material. Everything we do at beetbox engages the children using all 5 senses.

5. Theres no one like us

There might be cooking classes, there might be gardening classes, and there might be STEAM classes. But we combine all 3, providing you 20+ lessons every month that include planting, engineering, art, cooking, math, science, and more. Our program has lasting impact beyond just a cooking or gardening program.

6. We’re FUN!

It's important to us that both children and teachers enjoy their time together learning. We've made sure every lesson we include is not only packed with critical learning standards, but fun for everyone involved. Time and time again, educators let us know how much they love opening the box and getting started.

7. You can make a difference

In the next decade, up to 55 million jobs in STEM related careers could go unfulfilled due to skill gaps. Moreover, the anti hunger group Feeding America estimates that school students receive only 3.4 hours of actual food and nutrition education per year. In food deserts, this number being even less. Provide students with essential STEM skills when it matters most, and impact change in healthy eating habits from the start.

8. Teachers love us

"I have been teaching for 26 years and beetbox is the best resource ever! Science often gets pushed aside in classrooms to make room for reading and math. Not anymore! The activities are fun, engaging and hands-on for my young learners. We love it when we see the green and white box delivered to our room! A must have for all teachers!” - Chris Kargol, Veteran Teacher, Manitoba School, WI

9. We meet your standards 

Outlined key for Common Core Mathematical and ELA Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, CDC National Health Education Standards, and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes. Additionally, we cover STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math), fine and gross motor, language and literacy, health, wellness, and nutrition, social and emotional development, general cognition, physical, and approaches to learning.

10. We help you inspire students

Innovation + creation are the keys to change. Get young minds interested in subjects that matter most. Math, science, and literacy can be challenging subjects, and it's difficult to get your learners excited about material they find "hard". Thinking outside the box and igniting curiosity with new activities and fresh lessons are great way to break down those barriers.

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