Head Start Month

It’s National Head Start Awareness Month! Beetbox couldn't be more proud to be working alongside their mission of providing comprehensive health, nutrition, and educational opportunities for underserved children and families across the United States. We’re SO excited to be featuring the hardworking educators at Grand St Settlement Head Start program. Check out what the incredible Helene White, Educational Coordinator of Grand Street Settlement Head Start and her teachers have to say about the impact beetbox has had on their programs. Thank you, Helene and teachers! You amaze us everyday!

“I love beetbox! It is such a great program. It gives our inner city school students a chance to taste, cook, touch, and smell fresh produce. In their everyday life this is not an option for them so to be able to provide this service to my teachers is a joy for me. As I observe my teachers and students engaging in the hands on  activities it warms my heart and lets me know I made a great decision choosing beetbox to be incorporated into the educational curriculum that we use at Grand Street. Five words to describe Beetbox: Fresh, fun, interactive, healthy, extraordinary.” - Helene White Educational Coordinator at Grand Street Settlement Head Start

“As a first year Pre-Kindergarten teacher, beetbox plays an integral role within the classroom because it gives us the liberty to incorporate the box into the NYCDOE Pre-Kindergarten units of study. Beetbox allows the students in our class to receive S.T.E.A.M opportunities as the boxes are curated to learn across multidisciplinary subjects. Furthermore, Beetbox provides students a sensory loaded experience. Students can explore using their 5 senses. Beetbox supports critical thinking skills because it gives our students food for thought moments about how food is derived.” - Judy L, UPK Teacher at 300 Delancey Street - Grand Street Settlement Child and Family Center

“As a teacher using beetbox, it reinforces what the children are learning each week by providing enriched activities. It enhances hands on skills to learn about fruits and vegetables that are healthy for our bodies. Children get hands on experiences in learning about fruits and vegetables, from garden to table. It helps the children learn new words and increase their vocabulary.” - Ms. Danielle and Ms. Annette, 60 Essex Street - Grand Street Settlement Child and Family Center

“I have been using beetbox for over a year now and my class loves it. It’s a great way for children to learn about different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Each month we receive products for different recipes. The children become very excited trying new foods. At first they were surprised and didn’t like any vegetables, but as time went on the students started to eat more. Watching all of my students, even my picky eaters, enjoy the vegetables is amazing. I am thankful to have beetbox to incorporate in my lesson plan monthly.” - Sharmila M, 294 Delancey Street - Grand Street Settlement Child and Family Center

“What students gain from beetbox programming:

1.) Use their senses to gather, explore, and interpret information.

2.) Demonstrating awareness of connections between prior and new knowledge.

3.) Analyzing three-dimensional shapes and objects, using informal language to describe their attributes (e.g., color, size, shape, etc)”.

Valerie A, UPK teacher, 319 Stanhope Street, Grand Street Settlement Child and Family Center

Grand Street settlement Mission Statement

Grand Street Settlement Child Care and Family Centers expand opportunities for low income families and individuals by providing culturally relevant services that support community building, advocacy, self determination, and an enriched quality of life.  Since its founding in 1916, Grand Street Settlement has offered a continuum of innovative programs ranging from early childhood and youth development to community support for adults and seniors.

Support a Head Start near you and use #HeadStartAwareness to post on social media, and spread the word! Research shows millions of American children are in need of the opportunities that Head Start programs provide. The more you support Head Start, the more children will have a chance at more effective learning. You can also donate to the organization by clicking here.

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