What's In The Box? 

Beetbox makes food and garden education accessible to all schools. We do the work for you so you can focus on delivering great content to your children. Below are some of our key product features and what you will find inside a beetbox. 



We send you everything you will need to deliver a lesson, from fresh produce to napkins. We think about all the small details so you can focus on the big picture. 

cooking with FRESH PRODUCE 

Where possible we incorporate fresh produce for sensory exploration and to encourage discussion.  Lessons include cooking projects and lots of yummy taste tests, all whilst familiarizing children with healthy food.


Lesson plans are designed with busy teachers in mind. We provide numbered, step-by-step guidelines, lots of clear pictures and plenty of options to add or remove activities based on the age range of the class being taught.  



Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) form a large component of our lesson plans.  Children learn best by doing. There is measuring, counting, drawing, painting, growing, sprouting, building and so much more incorporated in to our lesson plans.


Immersive experience 

To enhance learning, we bring children experiences. "Betsy the Beet" takes children on discovery adventures related to the lesson plan theme. Touching, tasting and growing food bring our lessons to life. Children are able to experience farms, garden friendly insects along with sounds of tractors and rain, to name a few. 



To minimize waste our lesson plans encourage multiple use of box contents. Even the box itself can be re-engineered to live on beyond its initial purpose. Leftover food is rarely wasted and often forms the basis of a new lesson.