Dr. Azeez Farooki

Associate Attending Physician, Endocrinology service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

"Child obesity levels in the US have tripled since the 1970’s. Children across the US are being diagnosed with food related illnesses traditionally associated with adults, such as diabetes.

Beetbox has an admirable mission of educating children right in their classroom about better dietary options. A turnkey box provides in-depth food education to create connections on a much deeper level than a healthy snack or meal ever would. Teachers receive a box with extensive lesson plans, fresh produce for food exploration and cooking, soil and pots to grow their own food, art projects, and more.

Beetbox is an innovative concept that is likely to have an immense impact on early food choices. I am encouraged by it and hope that it will be adopted by schools far and wide. I believe this program could help improve the future health of the nation by engaging and educating children from the outset." 


Dr. Jeremy Marriott

BA Psych/Dis, BSc Psych (Hons), MPsych (Clin), PhD
Clinical Psychologist - children with special needs 

"Despite it being of vital importance, many children with special needs I assess and treat have not had the opportunity to learn how the food they eat is grown and prepared. Beetbox addresses this in a motivating, collaborative, informative and scaffolded way. I particularly like the fact that beetbox can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual participant and that it teaches essential skills for life. Hence, my wholehearted endorsement".


Ashley Kerekes

Pre-K teacher, square one, springfield, MA

"Beetbox was a huge hit! It literally includes every single thing you could possibly need (except utensils and kitchen tools obviously). There are several more activities we can do in the next few weeks, like science experiments and art. The lesson plans are extremely well thought out, appropriate, and engaging for the kids".